The Knave of Diamonds Painting in the Russian Avant-garde

To mark the opening of the exhibition "The Knave of Diamonds Painting in the Russian Avant-garde" in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg (July 2004) a new version of the catalogue of the exhibition was published in Russian and English. The release of the catalogue was provided by the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation in co-operation with the State Russian Museum Publishing House with the financial support of the "Stroyteks" and the "Restoration N" companies.

In accordance with the expanded exposition design, the new catalogue was supplemented with new illustrations. The edition comprises reproductions of early paintings by Malevitch, Burluck, Schagal, Kandinsky, and other members of the "Knave of Diamonds" movement. All materials are presented in a chronological order covering the main sections of the exhibition and reflecting the history of the Group from 1910 to the early 1920es. Alongside traditional artists of the "Knave of Diamonds" Group, the new catalogue includes almost all other avant-garde trends in painting represented by Tatlin, Ekster, Popova, Rozanova' compositions, Udaljtchova and Le Dantju's cubist experiments, Malevitch's highly intellectual portraits and suprematism.


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