Exhibition of Works from Mikhail Alshibayas Collection

December 17, 2014 - February 15, 2015

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Vasilisa Gubareva. Letter. (1960s)
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Aleksandr Prostakov. Still life. (1976)
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Natalia Nesterova. Fallen dwarf. (1999)
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Oleg Kulik. Girl. (1999)

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December 17, 2014 - February 15, 2015

The exhibition will become a sort of an autobiographical installation of the extraordinary Russian cardiologist and collector Mikhail Alshibaya.

The installation is made up of the art works that he has collected and favorite objects accompanying his personal history. The Surgery project has four parts. Birth unfolds through the history of Batum, Mikhail Alshibayas city of birth...


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The Voice of Moscow

September 26 - November 30, 2014

The Voice of Moscow exhibition starts a completely new chapter in the Foundations exhibition programme. The Foundation has opened the door for the first time to a completely new generation of young artists to stage an experiment in its exhibition hall.

These artists were born in 1980s, so this generation grew up during the era of drastic change, as Russia once again appeared on the map, with the Soviet Union and Perestroika long gone and left behind, just a childhood memory. One of the main subjects this project examines is how those events could have unconsciously influenced the work of the new generation of artists.



New Academy. Saint-Petersburg

The catalogue contains the articles, written by art historians and art critics: Arkady Ippolitov, Andrei Khlobystin, Ekaterina Andreeva, Alexander Borovsky. The articles present different points of view and give different judgments about the art of the New Academy. The catalogue also contains a detailed chorography by Ksenia Novikova, the director of the NAFA Museum.

The book contains more then 200 illustrations, including very difficult to show in the painted edition the technique of works of many of the New Academy artists. The brocade fabrics with the filigree medallions-applications by Timur Novikov, gum-pigment printing and kallitype print by Stanislav Makarov, the sculpture by Olga Tobreluts and the laser engraving by Irena Kuksenaite.


"The Imperial Gardens of Russia"
VI International Festival

June 7-16, 2013   
Saint Petersburg, Mikhailovsky Garden of the Russian Museum

The Sixth Annual International Festival "The Imperial Gardens of Russia" and the exhibition-contest, organized in the frames of the Festival have got unusual name " - Platomania". "Plantomania" was the word used by Catherine the Great when speaking of her love of plants and gardening in general. According to Catherine the Greats letters she used to dig in the garden with a small spade by herself, the Empress has also hand copied hundreds of pages from an English treatise on gardening. The participants of the exhibition-contest 2013 implemented the main ideas of the English Garden on the territory of Mikhailovsly Garden.

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