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Visions of the Stars

The debut of the creative duet PPSS consisting of Pavel Pepperstein and Sonya Stereostyrski

February 17 - April 4, 2021

Rating: 16+

"This PPSS group project (Pavel Pepperstein, Sonya Stereostyrski) is called "Visions of the Stars." It refers to a vital problem about the theme that unites us all, which continuously penetrates both our body and consciousness. It does so primarily through the ears, through the perceptive apparatus. In other words, the project is dedicated to singers, and precisely to those who have left a powerful mark in the collective consciousness and, accordingly, in the collective unconscious. The list of these iconic characters was compiled quite arbitrarily, guided by a kind of a whim, but nevertheless, this whim is entirely symptomatic. We tried to create an experimental boundary map on the collective unconscious body.

This pantheon includes both the gods of international significance and local tin gods. In this case, we are dealing with what can be called "iconic reflection." We want not only to understand but also to feel, to show images and notions behind the curtains of particular sound streams.

To ignore this reality would be irresponsible. This reality latently structures our consciousness. Whether we sing these songs with joy and enthusiasm, falling into ecstasy, or vice versa - whether we turn away from them, stopping our ears. Regardless, they structure the activities of not only our personal consciousness but also the universal consciousness, which is the collective consciousness of huge regions, and even the entire planet, if we are talking about idols of international significance. We live in the era of the singing gods.

The task that we have set ourselves seems to be essential and challenging. Here, we interact with the field of the Universal, and, at the same time, we do not know what is our own place in this structure of the Universal. To put ourselves outside of the field in question would be a sign of unjustified pride. We are in the traditional role of perceiving, "like everyone else." Now, there is no way to recall the song of Alla Borisovna Pugacheva "like everyone else, like everyone else, like everyone else, like everyone else on Earth, I walk, I walk ... ". That's right - like everyone, like everyone, like everyone, just like everyone, we listen to the songs of these characters, precisely those who are listened to by the very all-all-all, which is referred to in the title of the book "Winnie the Pooh and All, All, All" ... Thus, meditating on these characters, on these singers, brings us to a very important thought-form of EVERYONE.

Who is EVERYONE? This is a burdensome question because there are non-anthropomorphic variants of ALL: hedgehogs, ants, anteaters, ducklings, mountain ranges, rivers, wolfhounds, clockwork toys, chemicals, computer programs, angels, microorganisms, and so on. Are these creatures listening to human songs? Do these songs have any effect on beings outside the human species? The answer is yes, of course. They do. Not only do humanoids tremble in response to these callsigns, but, of course, other species too. And who knows, perhaps if Yuri Loza had not created the song "My Little Raft", some species of anteaters or armadillos or especially sensitive aliens would disappear without a trace. In this case, we are talking about an ecoaudiosystem, an ecological unconscious of the sound. In this project, we are dealing with this mysterious phenomenon.

It would be a grave mistake to think of it as just irony or a mockery of pop culture - there is nothing like that. We would rather sharply dissociate ourselves from such readings. It is about research work filled with love, respect, gratitude, but also therapeutic caution. Without the caution mentioned above, one should not come into contact with such kind of exciting material as "callsigns". In this case, we prefer to encode the word "songs" with the expression "callsigns" in order to highlight the transcommunicative ways of the sound waves in question.

These callsigns penetrate the ears, hearts, brains, and other organs that we will not specify. Thus, they tie everyone together, and here we take the next inevitable step. Following the concept of EVERYONE, a gigantic and much more boundless idea of EVERYTHING arises on our horizons. One has only to touch EVERYONE, and EVERYTHING opens up in front of us at once. This project is an attempt to meditate on the relationship between these two concepts - EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.

So, that's EVERYTHING we have to say".

Pavel Pepperstein, Sonya Stereostyrski, 2021

Pavel Pepperstein is a Russian painter, writer, critic, art theorist, fashion designer and even rap singer. He was born in 1966 in a family of Moscow conceptualist Victor Pivovarov and writer Irina Pivovarova. In 1985 - 1987 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In 1987 Pavel Pepperstein established together with Sergey Anufriev and Yuri Leiderman the Medical Hermeneutics group that existed until 2001. Pavel Pepperstein is a creator and ideologist of the movement "psychedelic realism". In his art works he combines the recognizable cultural images and witty commentaries, the novels are full of allusions to surrealism, the Malevich's Suprematic model, oriental watercolour, pop-art, book illustrations and political caricature. During his artistic career Pepperstein has got more than 100 solo exhibitions in Russia and abroad. He participated in the largest Biennale of Contemporary Art: the International Biennale in Sao Paolo (2004), the Venice Biennale (2009), Manifesta (2014). In 2014 he was awarded the Kandinsky Prize in the main nomination "Project of the Year" with his "Holy Politics" exhibition, which was presented in 2014 at Regina Gallery. The painter's works are in the collections of the State Russian Museum (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), the Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Musée du Louvre (Paris, France), Centre Georges-Pompidou (Paris, France), Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf, Germany) as well as in the private collections all over the world.

Sonya Stereostyrski is an artist, multimedia designer. He is engaged in the creation of animated 2D and 3D videos, web design, illustration, painting. She was born in 1998 in Moscow. In 2018 she graduated from the Faculty of Painting of the KKTiM VGIK, now she is a third year undergraduate student at the School of Design of the Higher School of Economics in the direction of "Animation and Illustration". She worked as a motion designer on projects for the online edition "Buro 24/7", the TV channel "2x2", made a series of illustrations for the publication "T-Zh". Participated in group exhibitions "UTOP - TOP - TOPIA" (2019, HSE Art Gallery), "Solid things" (2019, HSE Art Gallery).

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Among internationally acclaimed Russian artists whose work is featured by the gallery are Victor Alimpiev, Sergey Bratkov, Ivan Chuikov, Semyon Faibisovich, Pavel Pepperstein and Sergey Zarva.
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