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Limited Visibility

Exhibition of Works by Rodchenko Art School Graduates

June 9 - 27, 2021

Rating: 18+

The exhibition features 26 works by young artists all of whom graduated from the Rodchenko Art School in 2021. This year's show was put together by Antonio Geusa.

Limited Visibility is a motto the graduates chose in order to sing their version of So Long, Farewell as a modern-day von Trapp family from the 1965 musical drama film The Sound of Music before leaving the School where they had studied the civil and criminal laws of contemporary art and said a definite yes to the life-defining question of "Am I an artist?".

This is the state of things in the world that we live in, not just temporary low visibility due to smoke, chemical spills, inclement weather conditions or other obstacles that people have to overcome along the way. In fact, a contemporary artist’s mission is to analyze and deconstruct the complex system of rules and regulations that govern our world and create works that enable us to better see and understand reality. After all, art has always been the most accurate representation of any epoch.

Now is not a proper time to write manifestos showing us the way to a bright future, or even to incite a revolution in art (or elsewhere). Still, artists shouldn't lock themselves up in an ivory tower and look down at life from above. Nowadays, more than ever, artists must – you many call it a moral or even an intuitive obligation – help people find their bearings in conditions of limited visibility.

The School's extremely challenging mission of teaching students to use their creativity, listen and maintain their independence is about to come to an end. Before leaving the School, this group of artists have a point to prove, both to their teachers and, firstly, to themselves, that they can be a beacon guiding others through the fog. And this inspires hope.

Antonio Geusa

The following artists took part in the exhibition:
Avriskina Maria, Bavykina Maria, Balaban Ekaterina, Bashmakova Ksenia, Bergal Gosha, Bykov Maxim, Golovin Andrey, Gurskaya Darina, Dynha Ilya, Kolesnikov Ilya, Korolyova Anastasia, Leonova Anna, Lvova Oksana, Matveeva Kristina, Nikitin Ilya, Nikulenkova Natalia, Razmanova Anastasia, Rukavichkina Polina, Sazonova Elizaveta, Sviridova Maria, Selezneva Ekaterina, Sukhomlinova Yulia, Sharakshane Evgeny, Shakhnovich Viktoria, Shumilova Elizaveta, Yablonskaya Ksenia.

Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (MAMM)
Ekaterina Cultural Foundation
Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin


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